Some recommended articles in English below. Vuelve pronto para artículos en Español.

February 2014

“We’re on the cusp of a new oil boom in the Ecuadorian Amazon”. Guardian piece giving a useful overview of oil in Ecuador:

Guardian article revealing that Ecuador’s government was in negotiations with China to drill in the Yasuni National Park, even whilst pledging to protect it:

January 2014

Ecuador Cracks Down on Indigenous Leaders Opposed to Oil. Amazon Watch report that the government is trying to imprison 8 indigenous leaders for protesting the XI Oil Round:

Dramatic and shocking piece by Newsweek about the 2012 massacre of 20 members of one of Ecuador’s uncontacted tribes and how the atrocity is linked to the oil industry:


Manuela Picq interviews Carlos Pérez Guartambel, President of ECUARUNARI (Confederation of Kichwa People of Ecuador) about indigenous resistance. His message is strong and beautifully said:

Manuela Picq reports on Ecuador’s systematic legal crackdown against all forms of political dissidence:

“To get the gold, they will have to kill every one of us”. Salon talks to a Shuar warrior about his community’s struggle against a Chinese gold mine:

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